Pablo Fuster

Success Stories: Pablo Fuster at Clearwater International

Pablo Fuster, IE MIF July 2015 graduate, started working at Clearwater International last April as an M&A Analyst upon completing a brief internship at a family-owned company in Madrid. Clearwater International is an international M&A boutique specialized in cross-border mid-market transactions, with presence in 8 countries across Europe and partnerships in Asia and US.


M&A in Developing Markets—Development Finance Institutions

When pursuing opportunities in Merger & Acquisitions, most professionals concentrate their attention on private financial institutions that operate in this arena, such as investment banks and private equity/venture capital firms.  However, given the significant gaps in capital provided to developing economies, a number of governments and non-profit groups have organized “Development Finance Institutions” (DFIs) with…


Are you applying to Corporate Development Positions? Check this out.

  As corporations need to anticipate new growth opportunities and diversify into new businesses, many have established Corporate Development departments that focus primarily on strategic transactions such as mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.  Some companies, such as BP and Google, also maintain internal departments that resemble independent private equity and/or venture capital firms.  In either…