Valeriia Todorova

Success Stories: Valeriia Todorova at Gas Natural Fenosa

Valeriia Todorova, an Ukrainian national, moved to Madrid a year ago to study the Masters in Management program at IE with a specialisation in International Business. Valeriia started at Gas Natural Fenosa in March 2017. She is currently working in the regulation department of GNF which she believes demands an analytical mindset and a cooperative attitude. Valeriia’s consistent strategy, regular sessions with her Career Advisor and exposure to the company representatives through the IE Talent Forum, were all stepping stones to her success.

Xuhui Gan

Success Stories: Xuhui Gan at BBVA

Xuhui Gan is an IE alumni from Hangzhou, China, who graduated from the IE Master in Finance on July 2015. Xuhui’s high academic ability and rich overbroad experience contributed to her professional success. After graduation from IE, she decided to dedicate herself to financial risk management, which is a clear but challenging career direction. She finally got into BBVA’s financial risk department and started her professional journey that she has been longing for.

Edgar Fernández Vidal

Success Stories: Edgar Fernández Vidal at Amiral Gestion

Edgar Fernández Vidal, a Spanish IE Master in Management candidate who will graduate in July 2017, has known since he was 15 exactly what professional career he wanted to pursue. This is a luck that many professionals don’t have but wish they did. Edgar persisted and worked hard to achieve it, and has finally landed his dream job, and it all started with a book. In his own words: “I read The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham when I was 15, since then I knew I would be a Value Investor in the future.” Edgar will start as Equity Research in Paris, in Amiral Gestion on September 2017, after graduating from the IE Master in Management. He has shared some insight about his recruitment process.


Success Stories: Jan-Philipp Gehrmann at NXP

Jan-Philipp Gehrmann, an American Industrial Engineer with a Business Management Diploma, graduated from the IE Global MBA (GMBA) on March 2015. Before coming to IE he gained experience in various Product Marketing and Management roles before he switched over to strategy. He first started in a fast-track talent development program at NXP with focus on (B2B) Marketing. After 2.5 years in strategy, he had the chance to move closer to the customer again and relocated to California to take over the leadership of the auto sales & marketing team of the company in the Silicon Valley.