«International Organizations» with Amber Wigmore Álvarez

During this Journey, along with special guests with a solid career trajectory in the industry, Esther Rodríguez-Fernández (IDB), and Antonio Salort-Pons (WFP), we discover operational traits of International Organizations, such as how they define priorities during a crisis and leverage efficiencies, but we also learn industry insight, as well as how they are demanding new sets of skills in professionals. Despite a light shift towards innovative profiles, one requirement seems to never change: a passion and vocation for humanitarian causes and development.


How to ask for a raise

Even the best negotiators struggle when it is their turn to ask for a salary increase. Talking about money is always uncomfortable and the majority of professionals experience increased levels of anxiety just by thinking about it. But this cannot be a reason to avoid “that” conversation. If you think you deserve a raise, go for it!