Success Stories: Xianshu Zeng at Inmark

Xianshu Zeng’s success story is not only about professional progress. It is also proof that mobility in today’s world is possible if you have the correct pieces to the puzzle and timely effort is invested. She started last September as Communication Manager at Inmark’s HQ in Madrid, Spain. The company identified her as a key asset to the group, and thanks to IE’s Talent and Careers support and guidance on the Ley de Emprendedores, they were able to support her and her employer on obtaning a Spanish work permit.


«International Organizations» with Amber Wigmore Álvarez

During this Journey, along with special guests with a solid career trajectory in the industry, Esther Rodríguez-Fernández (IDB), and Antonio Salort-Pons (WFP), we discover operational traits of International Organizations, such as how they define priorities during a crisis and leverage efficiencies, but we also learn industry insight, as well as how they are demanding new sets of skills in professionals. Despite a light shift towards innovative profiles, one requirement seems to never change: a passion and vocation for humanitarian causes and development.