Edgar Fernández Vidal

Success Stories: Edgar Fernández Vidal at Amiral Gestion

Edgar Fernández Vidal, a Spanish IE Master in Management candidate who will graduate in July 2017, has known since he was 15 exactly what professional career he wanted to pursue. This is a luck that many professionals don’t have but wish they did. Edgar persisted and worked hard to achieve it, and has finally landed his dream job, and it all started with a book. In his own words: “I read The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham when I was 15, since then I knew I would be a Value Investor in the future.” Edgar will start as Equity Research in Paris, in Amiral Gestion on September 2017, after graduating from the IE Master in Management. He has shared some insight about his recruitment process.

Sixtine Perriau Haas

Success Stories: Sixtine Perriau Haas at Société Générale

Sixtine Perriau Haas, a French IE Master in Management 2017 candidate, and before coming to IE she had several internships in Argentina and Spain. She has now been admitted into the General Inspection Program at Société Générale in Paris and will start upon graduation. She explains how “this new job at Société Générale will be a significant change as it will be my first experience in the banking industry. Financial theory fascinates me and I look forward to learning practical techniques to apply my knowledge. In addition, I would be located in Paris, my hometown, after having been abroad for a while.”